Parkbühne Wuhlheide

1Buying Tickets

To purchase tickets for yourself and your (essential) attendant, please don't contact us. Instead, contact the respective concert promoter. See the links for the individual concerts on this web site for more information.

2Getting Here and Parking

Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide provides parking spaces for people with disabilities and wheelchair users. They are located at the FEZ, around 350 meters from our stage. To reach them, go from Straße An der Wuhlheide to Straße zum FEZ; see here. Please have your ID handy upon entrance (with "aG" or "G" lettering).


From the parking lot, please proceed to our main entrance, which is not "Eingang Ost" – the one closest to FEZ – but rather the one a bit further, to the north (in the direction of the S-Bahn station). You will see a children's playground shortly before the main entrance. Our entrance for the disabled/wheelchair users is located there, directly to the left of the main entrance. Please look for the blue sign or ask one of the security staff. Please do not join the queue at the main entrance. The disabled/wheelchair users are always admitted shortly before the other visitors, to ensure you can reach your places with as little stress as possible.

Our first aid staff, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, will greet and accompany the disabled/wheelchair users as necessary. If you have an attendant, this support usually isn't needed – however, please feel free to ask the local helpers about the location of the first aid facilities and let them know any special needs or requests you might have.

If you have a(n essential) attendant, this person will of course be admitted together with you, both at the main entrance and in the seating area.


Our area for the approx. 20 wheelchair users is located on the "dam crest", where the concession stands are also located, above the mixing console area. This area gives you an excellent frontal view of the stage, and is also close to the restrooms, concession stands, and entrances/exits. You can see the approximate angle of this area to the stage here. We reserve seats directly in front of the area for wheelchair users. Please understand that only one (1) attendant can be guaranteed a seat. If not all of the disabled seats are taken, a second attendant can use a seat; however, people with disabilities and their attendants have priority.

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