Parkbühne Wuhlheide

How can I get a tour poster? How do I get there? What am I allowed to take in - and what not...


  • The Parkbühne Wuhlheide has a capacity of 17,000 visitors. Of these, 12,390 are seats, 20 are for wheelchair users, and 4,590 are standing places on the arena floor.

  • Yes, but currently our product range is rather limited. We are working to expand. For the time being we offer "Chinese Veggie Dish" and French Fries (rapeseed oil).

  • Frankly, no idea. We do not have tour posters as we are not the promoter and therefore we are not involved with the promotion of the shows.


  • You may bring non-alcoholic drinks limited to 0.5 liters per person in containers not larger than 0.5 liters (Tetra Pak or plastic bottles) – no glass, no cans, no larger containers, no alcohol. Please be aware that sometimes tour-security requires that the caps are taken off the bottles at the entrances. You may only bring small amounts of your own snacks; in particular, bulky coolers and food containers are not allowed for safety reasons.

  • Don't do this to your baby or child! Be aware that our concerts sometimes generate noise levels that can be hazardous to health, particularly that of small children and babies! For more detailed information, please ask your pediatrician. We recommend using ear protection in any case. But even better would be to leave your baby at home with a reliable babysitter. However if you wish to bring your child along, you must purchase a ticket for it.

  • This is up to the artists. Video, film and photo cameras are not allowed, nor is sound recording equipment, due to potential violation and subsequent abuse of artists' copyrights. In most cases, however, the artists don't have a problem with you taking souvenir photos of your concert experience with your mobile phone or non-professional photo equipment (no exchangeable lenses). Under no circumstances, however, are you allowed to record part or all of the event and distribute it over the internet or other media or otherwise make it accessible to other people. Tablet computers, i.e. iPad etc. are not allowed inside.

  • Stickumbrellas are not allowed, please use a folding umbrella. Umbrellas obstruct the view for other visitors. Therefore, we ask that you wear weatherproof clothing & rainponchos instead, whenever possible. Nonetheless, umbrellas are only completly banned in individual cases. This decision is made by tour security, whose instructions we must follow.

  • Our security staff has plenty to do getting everyone inside on time. Accordingly, they cannot afford to engage in time-consuming discussions like "that guy up their had a 1-liter bottle, why can't I take mine in?". Therefore, please follow the rules, even if you feel they are silly or excessive.

youth protection

  • NO, kids under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend shows if unaccompanied by an adult. Youngsters between the age of 16 and 18 years are ok to enter. Bring your ID-card in any case!


  • We usually open our gates two hours before the concert starts. The people who are waiting outside the entrances at opening time usually want to stand in front of the stage. The seating areas fill gradually. Of course, the best seats fill up first.

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